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Thursday, 21 May 2015 10:30

ISA London North Athletics Competition

30 Year 3 to 8, excited children headed to Bedford for the regional round of the ISA Athletics Competition. The end reward would be a trip to Birmingham for the finals. Last year we were fortunate enough to get 4 children to the finals and this year we were hopeful of bettering this.

We were hopeful a handful of individuals who had been training well would achieve the expected results. Michael Nwankwo, last year's shot putt winner, produced three fantastic throws to gain his 1st place and a ticket to the finals. He did this in front of a very impressed ex Olympic Bobsledder, Colin Bryce, more famous for his role as commentator in the World Strongest Man. He also jumped well in the High Jump, but we are waiting on the results. Injila Ocal, doing the same event for the girls also won and was seen jumping around in a jubilant fashion, very pleased with herself and rightly so. Other expectant winners were not so lucky. Elijah Muya was now competing against a year group above his own and produced a very good 2nd in the Long Jump and a 5th in the 100m. Arnold Sery also missed out on gold after being piped on the line, gaining another silver.

Joseph Gwena who was so impressive last year, both at Sports Day and Birmingham, swapped the 600m for the long jump and gained a 2nd place. In the 150m he stormed to gold winning by a good 50m. Which over a short race was akin to Usain Bolt. An excellent effort from Joey.

We also had a group of hopefuls. Harry Dunning and Oluchi Nwuga in the Year 4 High Jump, Caitlin Hendry and Eamon Bradley in the Year 4 Girls and Boys Throw. They all tried very hard and we think we may have a few medals from this group, with Harry and Caitlin almost certainly getting a gold.

Other good results were Charlotte Ingram in the Year 7 girls 100m where we think she came 3rd, Chloe Cave (Year 3), ran well in the Year 4 600m. Amy Pattinson ran with good fight, determination and effort, albeit against strong opposition and the Year 5 and 6 Girls all ran well but we don't believe they gained places in the finals or the top 3. Finally the Year 5 boys may have gained some success. Khush Shah in the throw and Zaid Sultan in the relay squad but as results are unofficial we will have to wait a little longer before confirming all of these results.

All in all the boys and girls ran, jumped and threw with all that they could. Well done on a successful day and we will have our fingers crossed for the official results.
With the weather looking increasingly bad we were very unsure as to whether the events would be completed, but thankfully after 4 rain delays and a damp track later the results were in. Mr Wilkinson

Monday, 18 May 2015 10:02

Nature Day 2015

On Wednesday 13th May the Grove independent School, from Nursery to Spruce, opened its doors to a variety of visitors, from the inspiring Bugman, Martin Ripley, to wonderful birds of prey.

The day started with an inspiring and informative assembly delivered by the School Council in order to get the day off to a flying start. Children and Staff in each department and class enjoyed a variety of activities ranging from building a bug hotel to recognising mini beasts using scientific equipment, planting of seeds, pond dipping, classifying British birds in our immediate environment, designing and constructing habitats for various organisms.

Martin Ripley ( enthralled us with his variety of animals which all the children volunteered to hold, as well as asking many interesting questions. We had first-hand experience, literally, of an albino hedgehog and a chameleon called Tripod, who to the children's amazement enjoyed a breakfast of crickets. We saw several stick insects and a handsome baby tarantula before concluding the event with a gentle non-venomous boa constrictor snake who enjoyed 'getting to grips' with the warm hugs of the delighted children.

Chris from the English School of Falconry brought along with him a joyful Barn Owl, a Harris Hawk from South America and a hybrid Peregrine Falcon who entertained us with their majestic flights and demeanour. Chris gave us a great deal of information on their natural habitats and behaviours. He also informed us of threats to their numbers, from the past and present, encouraging the children to be vigilant and caring towards the nature around them. A final treat was to examine the regurgitated castings from the birds, which contain various elements of the prey they devour.

This hands on morning delivered further enrichment to the already diverse curriculum in all areas. Science was definitely in action, setting the children's imagination alight. The success was evident from the many smiles and excited chat amongst the children.

Well done everyone!​

Monday, 11 May 2015 09:37

U10/11 Rounders vs Quinton House

The U10/11 girls split themselves to begin the first innings into a batting team and a fielding team. With The Grove batting first the team were aiming to score as many rounders as possible to have a lead on Quinton House. We saw some fantastic batting from the team: Georgia Millburn scoring 1½ rounders, Jumeirah Francis ½, Siddhi Mayekar 1, Naledi Komane ½, Injila Ocal ½ and our strongest batter of this innings Ogechi Nwuga scoring 2 rounders. The team finished the innings on 7 rounders and it was now time for the fielding side to take their places. Quinton House had some strong batters who were quick to sneak in ½ rounders throughout their turns. With a tremendous catch from Charlotte Ingram and a quick stump out from Elizabeth Gross at 2nd base we managed to get two of Quinton’s batters out and end the innings with Quinton: 10, The Grove: 7. The second half saw some different batters from The Grove with Hemini Patel scoring 1 ½ rounders, Emily Corlett 1, and our strongest batter of the day Rachel Hubbard scoring 2 ½ rounders. Hemini scored her final rounder as the last batter bringing The Grove’s total to 13. As the fielders took their places Quinton came out to bat with many hits way out into the outfield leaving The Grove fielders struggling to get any batters out or keep the score down. Naledi did however manage to make two quick stumps at 2nd, Charlotte caught another two good balls and Ogechi also caught two balls over near 4th. The final score of the day was Quinton House: 19, The Grove: 13. Although the girls made some mistakes on the field today we did see some tremendous fielding and some strong hits. Best of luck girls for your Fixture against Thornton next Wednesday. Miss Lubbock

Monday, 12 May 2014 09:12

Stockgrove Park Creative Writing

Yew and Aspen visited Stockgrove Park, Bedfordshire on a very sunny spring morning. This field trip was planned to inspire their already imaginative minds and to further enhance their story writing skills. The weather was extremely kind to us and showed the Park in its true light with an array of flora and fauna which the children experienced in a sensory way. Showing great team work, the children recorded on clip boards a varied selection of adjectives, adverbs and nouns alongside some light sketching and wood rubbing demonstrating how their artistic skills contributed to the learning experience of the day. During the walk we approached a derelict boat house, used in the 1920s by the owners of the land, which stimulated discussions on how it may have been utilised and foremost who would have lived nearby thus generating a wealth of vocabulary relating to the characters of their story. The walk concluded with a visit to a more recent landmark: The sundial which offered the children the impromptu opportunity to use Maths skills as well as suggesting the stones as being a portal into another aspect of their story writing. All the children, once back in school and with the support of the wonderful photos taken, proceeded with more confidence into creating wonderful stories which reflected the success of the trip.  Ms Casiraghi

Thursday, 14 May 2015 08:39

30 Years Family Fun Day

Saturday 9th May was the first of our 30th Anniversary celebrations, our Family Fun Day. The day started in glorious sunshine with a wonderful dance show with children ranging from beginners as young as 5 years through to some of LVAC's most experienced dancers who have been with us for many years. We were treated to a superb tap number from the Primary tap class lead by Mariam Elakama and Georgia Millburn dancing to 'Make Some Noise', followed by some fantastic solos including Ballet and Tap numbers. It was lovely to see some Bollywood from ex-pupil Shona Shah and from three current Grove Pupils Sophia Shaikh, Rushita Bhatta and Anjali Kumar. The Dance Show ended with a contemporary number performed at the MK Festival earlier this year. It was wonderful to see them all the dancers enjoying themselves.

With a short break for children and parents to enjoy the entertainment and food the rain arrived and everyone ran for cover. This didn't stop the Music performance getting started; a little rain doesn't stop Grove children from performing! We were treated to a Trumpet Solo from Joshua Cosby, Singing from LVAC pupils Emily Loveday and Abbie North and violin solos from Hana Iguchi and Khush Shah. Danielle Trzeciak-Hicks sung 'I see the light' with confidence and poise. Everyone was wowed by the exceptional piano skills of Emily Garwood who put on a great performance despite having chilly hands. The music solos concluded with a performance from singing teacher and Soprano Emily Haig, a very inspirational performance for our young singers. The Music show concluded with performances from The Grove School choir with the parents now braving the rain to join in!

With the rain nearly stopped the children all enjoyed the climbing wall, inflatable assault course and of course the ice cream! Meanwhile a team of Grove staff dried the marquee floor to prepare for the final display, the Gymnastics. The Grove School now has over 40 children taking part in gymnastics and it was wonderful to see the progression from the lunchtime club through to the Squad members. The display opened with a Trampette and springboard display from our lunchtime club, some children only recently joined the club and they have learnt a lot in a very short time. The Squad teams followed on the Trampette and Spring Board and we were amazed as Charlotte Ingram performed a half twist with perfection followed by Jocelyn Shih performing a straight front somersault! We then all held our breath as Charlotte perform a somersault over 3 other gymnasts and Jocelyn somersaulted over Hana Iguchi who was holding a straddle leaver. Following the Trampette display we were treated to the U9 medal winners group sequence beautifully performing in sync with each other. This was followed by individual floor routines from children who have been competing with the school this year many of whom have brought home a tally of medals! The show ended with the U11 group sequence another exceptional display of talent.

The day ended once again in glorious sunshine as the last few children had their faces painted and enjoyed the end of the entertainment. Everyone had a fantastic day and it was lovey to see so many talented Grove and LVAC pupils enjoying sharing their talents with us. It was wonderful to be joined by parents and pupils from the last 30 years to celebrate with us, everyone left with beaming smiles. We look forward to the next 30 years! Charlotte Lancaster

"Thanks so much for a fantastic family fun day to celebrate your birthday! It's so wonderful to see all of our children performing with such pride and confidence, they all grow in stature each day. Even the stormy showers couldn't deter our steely kids, the show went on unabated. They are and continue to be our inspiration! Thank you and here's to another 30 years!" Katherine Millburn (Parent)

Thursday, 04 June 2015 12:25

Working for us

Last updated: 06/01/2019
We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

Class Assistant (Full Time NVQ Level 3)

Nursery Nurse (Full Time NVQ Level 3)

If you are interested in applying for any of the above roles please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Wednesday, 20 May 2015 22:17

Spruce Field Trip - Cromer

Cromer 2Spruce travelled to the town of Cromer to undertake a field investigation as part of studies on coastal erosion. The aim of the exercise was to experience first-hand the need, scale, cost and feasibility of the defences needed to protect this part of Norfolk coastline.

We billeted overnight at the Youth Hostel in Sherringham and the following morning we travelled down to Cromer. We walked down to the town centre to look at the historic Victorian buildings and the services available to tourists.
After stocking up with the necessary “Crabbing equipment “we headed down to the shore front and stopped for morning break – ice creams overlooking a glorious sun drenched beach.
We then walked the length of the sea wall taking in the other types of defences which included groynes and soft landscaping in the form of vegetation. From the end of the sea wall one could see the caravan park in the distance which stood on an unprotected cliff with foreseeable consequences.
A spot of crabbing and lunch followed before we made our way to the stunning Pier and more crabbing, but with little success despite Harry and Toby’s best efforts!
We had a fascinating tour of the lifeboat station and the important role local volunteers make to seafarers.
The tide was now out so we walked down across the beach looking at the groynes which were now fully visible together with the effects of longshore drift.
A visit to the Lifeboat Museum followed, after which we made our way back to the beachfront to have fish and chips before making tracks for the minibus home.
We were fortunate to have enjoyed such splendid weather and grateful to Miss Archer for driving us down and looking after us. Mr Pollard


Thursday, 14 May 2015 12:43

Mountfitchet Castle Cedar and Birch

​As part of our Castles topic in History, Cedar and Birch visited Mountfitchet Castle and Norman Village to explore the only Wooden Motte and Bailey Castle reconstructed on its original site in the world. We arrived in a light drizzle and thought we were going to be lucky with the weather. The children were fascinated with how the castle was constructed and enjoyed exploring the palisade straight away. Mountfitchet Castle is set up as a self-guided tour and the children happily wondered from exhibit to exhibit with their natural inquisitiveness spurring them on. They visited the kitchens and smelt the oven fires. They went up the flanking watch towers and discovered how important the location of your castle was for views. They also visited the peasant’s house and the great hall and directly compared how the lowly members of the castle lived compared with the Lord and Lady. As part of the experience the children were able to feed the many animals which roam freely around the castle. This provided great joy for the children and they were incredibly excited to feed the many chickens and ducks. The highlight for many of the children was exploring the more gruesome side of the medieval period and they saw the various punishments people received. I think many of them left being thankful to live in the 21st century! As the weather grew wetter, and the children grew damper, we retreated to the indoor Toy Museum where we were able to explore a vast collection of old toys and movie memorabilia. The Star Wars and Doctor Who collections were a huge hit with the boys. Despite the weather the children had a wonderful time and really got a hands on experience of what it would have been like to live in a wooden Motte and Bailey Castle.​​ Miss Hughes


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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 20:36

Italian Cookery Evening

AranciniOn a beautiful sunny evening, you might have thought you were in Italy, ten wonderful chefs gathered to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children which is the charity The Grove Independent School is supporting with the amazing School Council members.

The evening started by making pasta, a staple dish in Italy, using original pasta machines to thin out the endless sheets as one group managed to roll out one measuring over a metre! The filling provided an insight into the world of traditional cheeses by using ricotta and spinach alongside nutmeg and seasoning, a beautiful marriage Figaro would say… singing for us in the back ground with the superb operatic voice of Pavarotti.
The Arancini (rice balls filled with pesto and cheese from Sicily) provided an opportunity to get very messy, which most of the adults enjoyed by creating a culinary delight once fried, which resembled a scotch egg, albeit with an Italian twist.
Finally the last course in the form of Affogato al Caffé. This is a traditional dessert which involves using hot Italian coffee poured over good quality ice cream, topped with chopped nuts and Amaretti biscuits. What a finale to a beautiful night in which everyone learnt something new and raised money for such a worthy cause. The Next Culinary Fundraising event will be during the Autumn term 2015, do join us! Ms Casiraghi

Thursday, 07 May 2015 15:21

The Grove Elections

05 07 15 Grove ElectionSpruce were aware that a general election was underway but were not aware of the process and the vocabulary involved. After a discussion around the governance of the country and the idea that different political parties had different ideas and ideals as well as the roles of some of the ministers, Spruce were given the opportunity to set up their own party to present their thoughts. They were encouraged to discuss and explore issues that were of concern to them and create a manefesto.

On Tuesday 5th May, the children in Spruce presented their manifestos during assembly to the rest of the Prep department and posters went up around school.

On Thursday 7th May, Spruce transformed the hall into a polling station. We discussed that they were not able to influence the voters in the polling station. The Prep children were invited to vote in a secret ballot – their names were ticked off the list and they were issued with a voting paper before they headed to one of the booths to put their tick or cross next to their preferred party. It was a very serious affair!

The results were:
The Grove Council of Politicians: 33
Helping Children Achieve: 53
Everyone for Everyone: 10

Congratulations to Toby Dason-Barber, Kyle Gomes-Payne and Naledi Komane from Helping Children Achieve who successfully campaigned for greater opportunities within education and training for children with disabilities to help them achieve their goals.

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