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Tuesday, 22 January 2019 17:52

Yew and Aspen visit Ely Museum

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After a drive to Ely, the children looked at the impressive Ely Cathedral on their way to the Museum. At the museum, there was an engaging `mock` archaeological dig where various differently dated artifacts from the stone and bronze ages were looked at with a lively discussion, and a real sense of the range of time covered was evident. A detailed handling session followed with a real insight as to how the use of fire and food supply was done in the prehistoric cultures, the children loved the practical `hands-on` process. Antler carving with flint knives followed as a practical task, really stretching the children! In the afternoon an outstanding basket making session was a real success with very good `fish` basket weave shapes produced by all, a most successful day overall! Mr Slater

Monday, 08 October 2018 15:30

Landgraff Ski Camp

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The students arrived keen and ready at school for six thirty AM, despite the early start they were full of beans and ready to go. We headed for the Channel tunnel and managed to get on an early crossing which was very good news as what awaited us at the other side was a huge traffic jam through Brussels. The students sang lots of songs and stayed in good spirits until we arrived at the hotel in the evening.

The students were out of the car and ready to go in ten minutes and after a quick dinner they were out on the slopes and ready to ski. The students had a fun couple of hours skiing learning some new techniques and skills. After packing up they were straight to bed and asleep in moments. 

The following morning the students were up early for a good breakfast and then straight out on the slopes for their morning lesson. They focused on their technique getting their arms forwards and engaging their body to ski down the slope with carving style turns and get ready for the gate training later in the day. They started to make progress in this before going in for a well-deserved lunch. The students headed out with us to warm up their legs and get ready for the afternoon gate training. We worked again on their technique before they went off to have their first run at the gates. 

In the afternoon the students had their first run at the gates completing some good times but still needed to work on their technique for turning into the gates. Luckily after dinner they had video analysis feedback to improve this.  

Looking at the video analysis the students studied their techniques and knew how to improve the following day. After an evening hot chocolate they were soon straight to bed sleeping through the whole night. 

Sunday morning came, and the students were up and out on the slope practicing some technique before going into the gates once more, where they started to use their body to turn and kept their hands up. The students stopped for an early lunch and were back out onto the slope ready for the final session. They hurtled through the gates trying their best to improve upon their scores from the previous day. After a final group picture, we were of the slope and ready for the journey back. 

The journey back was much quicker, we got back just after the scheduled time. All of the students were exhausted and promptly fell asleep as soon as they were with their parents. 

All of the students had a great trip and look forward to their upcoming competition later in the year. Mr Thorne and Miss Keates

Thursday, 18 October 2018 12:22

Beech and Holly visit Pizza Express

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Beech and Holly had a wonderful trip to Pizza Express where they went through the rigorous training to become a Junior Pizzaiolo. We had a very informative workshop about all the ingredients that come together to create the wonderful flavours in a pizza. They explored the different tastes of Mozzarella and tomatoes and then the exciting dough appeared. We discovered what we needed to make the dough and then we had to knead it, flatten it, spread it and roll it. It was so much fun and the children finished it off by throwing the dough in the air and catching it just like the professionals! Once our dough was safely in the pizza dishes they added their cheese and tomato toppings. They went into the stone ovens and then came out pipping hot and scrummy yummy. This was one of my favourite trips I have ever taken children on as they were so excited and engaged with everything that they did. The children were beautifully behaved and a credit to the school and I was so proud of them. Well done Beech and Holly- I look forward to our next adventure together. Mrs Collins

Monday, 25 June 2018 15:04

Beech & Holly Trip to Whipsnade Zoo

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Beech and Holly had a wonderful trip to Whipsnade Zoo in the glorious sunshine. We were fortunate enough to arrive in time to watch the very cheeky lemurs eat their breakfast then made our way to the penguins. We spent a long time in the African Animals part of the zoo and were delighted to watch the giraffes being fed and the sleepy lions doing what they do best-sleeping! Then we made it up to the tigers before stopping for lunch and a little play. The next part of our adventure took us on the train where we spotted the beautiful elephants and the rhinos wallowing in the mud. After a stop for an ice cream we visited the petting zoo and got very friendly with the pygmy goats and finished our trip in the butterfly house. It was here that the children were complimented on their wonderful behaviour and we were told that we were the best school to have come through this part of the zoo that day. With lots more still to explore we sadly had to leave but the children were brimming with excitement about the amazing animals they had encountered that day and eager to return at the next available opportunity! Thank you Beech and Holly for a wonderful day, we were all incredibly proud of you and impressed with the knowledge and facts you had retained from our exciting day at the zoo.

Mrs Collins

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 10:32

Larch & Rowan Trip to the MK Discovery Centre

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On arrival, our tour leader, Stephen, commented that The Grove Independent children were likely to be the smartest children who had visited the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre! We began in a lecture theatre watching a slide show of photographs exploring historical images of Milton Keynes and London. Milton Keynes’ history can be traced back to the Stone Age! We studied huge maps and heard all about the great plans for Milton Keynes over 50 years ago. We then embarked on our field trip around Stony Stratford. Carrying clipboards, we stopped at a medieval inn, a Georgian house and some Victorian terraces to complete fact sheets. We were proud of how the children conducted themselves along Stony Stratford High Street showing their manners to all they passed. Next we visited a library and found out how books used to be borrowed. Finally, we practised our navigational skills back at the Discovery Centre. A wonderful fact-filled day!

Miss McCall

Thursday, 14 June 2018 13:20

Juniper Trip to the Monet National Gallery, London

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DSC 0005The children thought Monet’s early work was attractive but when they saw the London mist pictures showing sunsets over the houses Parliament, the glowing Venetian reflection scenes and the textured and atmospheric Rouen cathedral studies they were quite awestruck and spent some time just taking in the quality of the work. Some excellent sketching was done and the carefully modelled colour effects were marvelled at! After lunch we went to the London Guildhall Art gallery near the Bank of England, to see a special travelling exhibition of the top Victorian ‘Arts & Crafts’ movement ceramicist William De Morgan entitled ‘Sublime Symmetry’. This set of work including tiles, plates and jug and vase forms, all intricately decorated with distinctive Gothic revival patterns often incorporating fantastical mythical beasts in stylised vegetation pattern backgrounds. Extensive sketching and notes were taken before we returned successfully within the allocated time.

Mr Slater

Sycamore had good weather for the drive up to Birkenhead to the Lady Lever Gallery, and the Port Sunlight housing both gallery and the (originally) workers housing instituted by the Lever family- at that point very successful branded soap manufacturers! The children had an excellent guided tour and sketched prolifically looking at a wide variety of items starting with Chinese vases and small sculptures and moving on to portraits of Queen Victoria! We followed this by going to Liverpool via the very long Mersey tunnel to the Youth hostel and after a good cooked meal did an evening tour of the rejuvenated docklands area with sculptures and Merseyside views abounding.

On the Wednesday morning (after a full English cooked breakfast!) we walked to the Liverpool Anglican cathedral designed by the Victorian gothic revival architect Gilbert Scott, with immense arches in a gothic manner and spectacular stained glass windows. Following on from this we toured through the pedestrian centre of Liverpool and then went to the World museum to visit the Chinese terracotta warrior’s special exhibition. The staff commented that we were the best group they’d had with our children taking care over a series of carefully drawn studies of the warrior’s and accompanying artefacts. After lunch we had an informative interactive workshop about the first emperor of China and the culture of the time. After a quite smooth journey back to school we arrived well within the allocated time frame but with some quite tired but excited children following a successful visit to Liverpool.

Mr Slater

Wednesday, 23 May 2018 08:53

Sycamore Liverpool Trip

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We (Sycamore) are having a great time on our educational visit to Liverpool. We arrived yesterday and visited Lady Lever Art Gallery. After supper we enjoyed a walk along the Albert docks.

We woke up bright and early for breakfast at 7:30am. We are walking to the cathedral this morning before our visit to World Museum where we will see the Terracotta Warriors.

After visiting the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral designed by Gilbert Scott we visited the Terracotta Warriors exhibition where we took part in a special interactive workshop with replica items to find out about the first emperor of China.

We are on our way back to The Grove now.

ETA: 6:45-7:00pm


Thursday, 17 May 2018 15:04

Acacia & Pine Trip to the Natural History Museum

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The trip to the Natural History Museum was an opportunity for year six to visit the exhibit on the Earthquakes and Volcanoes that the museum is currently offering. This trip allowed the students to consolidate and develop their already existing knowledge on the subject exploring it in greater depth with interactive displays. The start of the trip traveled through the inside of the World allowing the students to see all of the Earth's tectonic plates and features linking it together. The students then moved into the main exhibit where they had the opportunity to interact with: World maps showing the location of Earthquakes and volcanoes; Fault lines and pressure build up/Examples of different rock and lava formations. Throughout the exhibit the students had to collect information, draw examples and study extra areas around the information that they'd studied before. This will work to expand and develop their ideas on the topic. Once the students reached the later stages of the exhibit they had the opportunity to experience an Earthquake albeit at a minor end of the scale. The simulator shows people what to expect at the beginning of an earthquake which delivered some very excited students. 

The students really enjoyed the trip although there was definitely some tired faces on the journey home.

Mr Thorne

Thursday, 03 May 2018 13:06

Spruce & Juniper Common Entrance Geography Trip

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Within Geography this term we are looking at writing an extended project that includes an element of fieldwork. This project will be used by the students, should their secondary school require a project from themselves, for common entrance and it is also good practice for their G.C.S.E projects, that they will be completing in a few years time at secondary school.

During the trip they collected: Environmental quality surveys; Service quality maps; Service provision of the areas; sketch maps and land use in the different areas.

The group started by travelling into the central shopping district of Milton Keynes. During this time the group focused on collecting all of the information and noticed that it was a very busy site. At this site there was a high volume of traffic, however service provision was great with a range of retail and other consumer goods available for purchase by customers. The students found that this site was extensively developed in terms of urban planning. This site provided the students with a unique contrast to the other two sites looked at later in the day. 

We then headed to Stony Stratford  where we looked at the first of our contrasting areas. The students observed that Stony Stratford was a very traditional town with old fashioned and modern services combined in one area, where as Milton Keynes central was predominately modern services. Stony Stratford enabled the students to collect data that will be great to use when writing up a comparison of areas around Milton Keynes. 

The final stop for the trip was in Old Stratford. The students observed that there were very little services provided on the outskirts of major urban developments and noted that it was mainly residential housing. This was in complete contrast to central Milton Keynes where the land use was based around consumer products, offices and a few areas of residential housing.

The students will all be writing up this fieldwork until half term to complete their projects. They all did really well collecting the information on the field day and have a vast range of information that they can write up. 

Mr Thorne

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